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Make More Money Using Production Monitoring

Three easy things that growth-minded precision manufacturers can do to immediately start making more revenue per machine.

Precision manufacturing is a complex, dynamic industry where there are a lot of moving parts—literally and figuratively. There are always a hundred things that you could be doing, but knowing what you should be doing based on the impact to your bottom line can be a real challenge. It’s easy to get trapped in “whack-a-mole” mode, where you take care of the thing that pops up right in front of you. The result is you’re working hard but not making a lot of progress on company goals—like making more revenue.

It is very hard to stop what you are doing, manually gather a lot of data, analyze it, create dashboards, charts, graphs, and paretos to figure out what things will help you bring in more revenue. Then, you have to figure out how to get everyone focused on those things and track progress in real-time and over time. Until recently, there weren’t any good tools to help you. Good news, there is now.

Automated Production Monitoring

Good production monitoring software should unburden your people from data collection and analysis. It should make the real-time information available to everyone so the whole team is on the same page. It needs to provide answers to important questions, not just if the machine is on or off. 

Quick Wins

Here are three easy things that have immediately and dramatically improved Datanomix customers’ revenue per machine:

  1. Hang TV monitors on the shop floor showing the live data from every machine and give people the information they need to succeed – such as which machines are down, why, and for how long.
  2. Push notifications are sent to mobile devices for deviations and issues that supervisors and managers should be aware of.
  3. Datanomix will track & display the time it takes to get machines into cycle, downtime around breaks, and the time between last active and end of shift. 

Fast ROI

The average increase for Datanomix customers for tracking and broadcasting how long it takes each machine to produce its first good part is as follows:

  •  30+ mins per machine/per day in Time to First Active improvements. What impact would that have on YOUR shop? For a 20-machine shop running one shift, that equals an extra 10 hours a day of available machining time.

Easy to Install. Easy to Use. Easy to Understand.

If you ever went through an ERP installation, the thought of rolling out a new software system might make you break out in a cold sweat. Luckily, adding a good production monitoring system is more along the lines of connecting a Smart TV. Your machine data is gathered and analyzed by the software, and before you would have been able to stream your first movie on Netflix, you have live insights presented back to you on simple dashboards and reports.

A great automated production monitoring system, like Datanomix, grows with you, if and when your focus changes from making more revenue to optimizing part profitability to supporting your internal continuous improvement program.

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