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Optimize Tooling & Labor Costs to Maximize Efficiency and Slash COGS


If you are an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), you already know the importance of optimizing processes to reduce costs without compromising on quality. An effective way to accomplish this is to leverage Production Monitoring to boost your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and minimize tool life costs.


OEE is all about measuring how well your equipment is being utilized against its potential. Here’s how Production Monitoring can help you optimize OEE:

  • Availability: Unplanned downtime is a profit killer. Datanomix Production Monitoring analyzes machine performance in real time and alerts the team the moment a machine goes down. TVs, our mobile app, and dashboards all broadcast what machine is down, why, and for how long. This visibility enables a team approach to intervene quickly to get machines up and running. Things stop falling through the cracks.

  • Performance: Datanomix identifies the inefficiencies and bottlenecks in your production process, enabling you to streamline operations to maximize efficiency. Benchmarking capability, scoring real-time performance, and trending historical data keeps the team informed, production on track, and costs down.

  • Quality: Integrations with your internal system provides timely feedback on production quality so the team can adjust processes in real time, reducing waste and ensuring more products meet quality standards.


Tooling is a huge expense and savings has a significant impact on your COGS. Associated costs include the actual tools and any unplanned downtime, rework, or scrap caused by tooling issues. Datanomix help drive down tooling costs by providing visibility into the places inefficiencies hide. Data from customers shows massive opportunities for improvement, which translate into significant savings. Some questions Datanomix can answer around tool life:

  • What tool life am I getting vs. expected?
  • What should I set my tool life to, and how much will that save me?
  • Which tools need to be changed next?
  • Which tool changes take the longest?


Empower every employee with the information they need to succeed. Visibility into real-time and historical insights help everyone make the best decisions on where to focus NOW. User defined access ensures that each member of the team only sees information relevant to their role. Best of all, no operator input is required, so front-line employees can focus on keeping their machines up and running, rather than gathering or entering data.

Frequently, customers start out with three Quick Win workflows to introduce every employee to the power of real-time data. These simple workflows have an immediate impact on efficiency with an average ROI of an additional hour of uptime per machine per day!

Quick Wins

  1. TVs display every stopped machine, why it’s stopped, and for how long.

  2. Alerts sent to mobile devices that show operators & supervisors where their attention is needed.

  3. Track and display downtime around three key transition times during each shift: the time it takes to get every machine into cycle, unplanned downtime around breaks, and the time from last active to the end of the shift.

Don’t Settle for Just Data

Datanomix is the expert in helping manufacturers of all shapes and sizes optimize their production performance using data and prescriptive guidance. If your team has never used real-time production data to make decisions, they probably need some coaching. Your dedicated Customer Support Team will not only train your people on the nuts and bolts of using the software, but also share playbooks on how to leverage the insights found to achieve goals. It’s a great way to spread best practices consistently across the entire organization. We can also work with you to create customized playbooks to align with existing internal practices.


After establishing a new benchmark for efficiency from Quick Wins, your dedicated Customer Success Team will work with you to set goals and track deviations using:

Downtime Pareto Report

Ranks what’s causing the most downtime—alarms, program stoppages, tool changes, etc.

Capacity Report

Analyzes capacity utilization by day or scheduled shifts, and then by work cell or individual machines to help you identify capacity constraints.

Machine Diagnostics

Machine Diagnostics Report

Drills into granular speed, feed, sensor, program, and tooling data for any point in time

Tool Usage Data

Analyzes how long each tool spends in cycle to reconcile your cutting times, both in aggregate and per tool.


The leadership team can easily track KPIs, validate improvements, and identify risks and opportunities to cost-savings goals. User-defined access provides ownership and your board of directors a simplified view of KPIs. See what’s happening across multiple sites or on a specific machine with just a few clicks. Integrations with data visualization platforms and ERP systems enable custom analysis and highly accurate quoting and scheduling based on real-time data from the production floor.


Summarizes the return on investment (ROI) results from key performance metrics within a specified timeframe.

Quote Calibration

Datanomix Quote Calibration Report

Shows the capability of your jobs and how they stack up against the expected COGS.

After Action Report

Shows historical production and performance by job, compared to the capability.

Tool Life

See where inefficiencies are around what’s expected and what actually happens – The differences are startling!

Scales from One Facility to 100s

Whether you need to optimize a single production line, or a global chain of facilities, Datanomix scales with your business. Best of all, you can see which facilities, lines, or cells have the best outcomes. Making it easier to define best practices, duplicate them, and to scale savings.

Ready to Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiency?

With Datanomix, you have a clear path to reducing your COGS. Our platform not only provides insights that drive immediate improvements, it also tracks and trends progress over time to ensure sustainable savings. Contact us today to start the conversation around how Datanomix can help you “Make More for Less.”

Empower your people, reduce your costs, and drive your business forward with data.

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