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WEBINAR: Breaking Records in AS9100: Achieving Unprecedented Speed and Cost Efficiency

Are you ready to start your journey toward an AS9100 certification? Are you certified but looking for ways to streamline and reduce the cost of your current process? Then this webinar is for you. ProShop is committed to giving you winning strategies and expert insights to achieve unparalleled speed, cost efficiency and excellence in aerospace quality management.

Whether you’re on the brink of certification, just beginning your AS9100 compliance journey or are getting prepared for your recertification, this webinar is your roadmap to rewriting the standards of industry performance.

Led by seasoned industry leaders and featuring a panel of shop owners who’ve seen game-changing success, this dynamic session will unveil actionable tactics, innovative approaches and best practices tailored to streamline your AS9100 process while upholding the highest standards of quality and compliance.

Speakers Include:

Paul Van Metre

Cofounder, ProShop ERP

Floyd Pittman

Owner, Vanguard Manufacturing Company

Joseph Alonso

Owner, Novo Modo Machining

Jessica Wilber

President, Takt Manufacturing Solutions

Knowing how much it really costs to produce parts is the holy grail for precision manufacturers when it comes to job costing and quoting! Learn more about our integration with ProShop ERP.

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