Set production targets for jobs, uptime, or part counts and see your progress in real time

Hit Your OTD Targets with Real-Time Predictive Delivery Insights by Job, Uptime or Part Count

On-Time Delivery (OTD) is a Top 3 metric in any manufacturing facility. The thinking being, if you ship on-time, customers pay on-time, and give you more orders because they’re satisfied. Makes sense. Figuring out if you are above or below your OTD goal is pretty straightforward too. You just compare the date you needed to ship to when you actually did. Easy. So what’s the problem?

The major frustration for manufacturers around OTD isn’t about knowing what it is, it’s about intervening when it’s not where it should be. You make a schedule, you push work to the floor, and then you hope it happens as planned. This is because it is very hard to track what’s in flight how it’s doing in relation to the goal. Several Datanomix customers expressed these frustrations to us and asked us to help them know:

  • How am I trending with the jobs in progress? 
  • How can I tell exactly when an order is going to be done? 
  • When a customer calls and asks for a partial delivery, how do I know how many will be ready?
  • How can I see where I can shift resources to hit my target on the most important delivery?

An Accurate Way to Track Delivery Time

At Datanomix, we have customers that think about production targets very differently. Some are job shop making a lot of different parts, so they focus on each job. Our highly automated and OEM customers think in uptime and cell-based customers are totally focused on part counts. The one thing they have in common is a need for predictability. That’s why Delivery Track, included in our Production Monitoring software, has three ways to track targets and visualize predictive insights:

Choose the Way You Define Delivery Success

  • By Job – Best for Job Shops
  • By Uptime – Best for Automated Equipment
  • By Part Count – Best for Cell-Based Manufacturing

Each workflow has appropriate goal setting metrics used to show how you are progressing based on your real-time production performance.

By Job

Delivery Track By Job auto-populates with the jobs you are already running. A target due date and quantity can be fed in automatically from the program, a work order, ERP, or other data sources. A best practice is to add in/maintain targets as a morning production management exercise. This is recommended to build muscle memory and accountability. The Due Date and Quantity serve as the goals in this workflow.

Datanomix automatically gives you a target projection based on the Due Date and Quantity that is a function of both your real and projected performance so that you have a clear idea of what will be done and when. These projections dynamically update in real-time as the job progresses so that you always have an up-to-date picture of progress.

By Uptime

Delivery Track By Uptime starts with a goal of how many hours of machine uptime per week you need to “Deliver”. These goals can be set for a whole Machine Group, or individually per machine. This is great for palletized or otherwise automated operations where if you get X hours of Uptime you are golden.

Datanomix provides a burn-up chart and projection of when you will hit your Uptime target. This allows you to make decisions about what might need to run on second shift or run on additional unattended time.

By Part Count

Delivery Track By Part Count starts with setting a goal of how many parts you want out of a cell. You can set these goals as weekly, or in multiples of weeks, since most folks typically deliver weekly. We see this model used fairly consistently in firearms manufacturing, as well as other OEM-style work where there are several machines in a cell dedicated to the same part number.

Datanomix provides a burn-up chart and projection of when you will hit your Part Count target. This allows you to make decisions about what might need to run on second shift or need additional unattended time to hit your goals.

Predictability Equals Profitability

Datanomix is committed to helping manufacturers of all types address their challenges, including the pain of unpredictable OTD. We always have been, and always will be, 100% customer-driven in our development efforts. By adding predictability to OTD, now you can be more nimble in shifting priorities, have clarity on how to allocate resources, and be more communicative with your customers on setting proper expectations and trade-offs. This will help you be more innovative and profitable. At Datanomix, we will always have your back!

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