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VIDEO: How Better Data Helped DFF Double Their Business

The global manufacturer keeps production and productivity on track through tremendous growth.

DFF Corp has been working with Datanomix for almost two years, and over that time, a true partnership has developed between the companies. Today, with Datanomix installed on more than 100 high-volume CNC machines in their Agawam, Massachusetts facility, DFF realizes the value of real-time production intelligence with Datanomix.

In an interview with Tony Gunn of MTDCNC, DFF’s Keith Campbell discussed how the global manufacturer keeps production and productivity on track while the company has added 180 new employees since the start of the pandemic. 

After the first week of the [Datanomix TV Mode] being live on our shop floor, we saw an immediate improvement in our output and grading because Datanomix created a meritocracy amongst our people.”

Keith Campbell, DFF Corporation

With Datanomix, DFF can drive real-time decisions because they have a real-time picture of what’s happening on every machine and every job. Addressing issues as they happen allows DFF to work smarter, putting resources where and when needed.

Watch the video to see the complete interview and also check out our DFF customer spotlight.

DFF’s Keith Campbell interviews with Tony Gunn of MTDCNC

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