VIDEO: Process Validation: Production Monitoring & ERP Integration Delivers Benefits

Production Manager Randal Leach talks about the huge benefits Ricaurte Precision gets from the seamless integration between ProShop’s ERP and Datanomix Production Monitoring. The two systems create a whole ecosystem that works well together to erase tribal knowledge and pass the “Sniff Test” with customers and prospects. Most importantly, the technology gives Ricaurte visibility into if they are making money or not, and what they need to do to get jobs back on track.

“This erases tribal knowledge—which is death.”

— Randal Leach, Operations Manager, Ricaurte Precision Inc.

Randal demonstrates how the Datanomix After Action Report shows exactly what happened on every job—and why. Ricaurte uses this valuable information to talk with their customers and really show them what is going on with their part. Now it is so easy to close the loop between planning and production and answer the question: “How did we do?”

Tony Gunn wishes that they had this type of ecosystem back in the day. It makes sure everyone from the operator through management has the same information at the same time. Before, it took so much time for that info to trickle across the business.

“Getting parts on-time, within budget and the whole ecosystem works so well together.”

— Randal Leach, Operations Manager, Ricaurte Precision Inc.

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