INFOGRAPHIC: A Day in the Life of the Visual Factory

With the Visual Factory, your entire team is energized and informed, creating a continuous cycle of improvement.

Imagine your day starting with an email containing the insights for the previous day’s production, giving you all the data needed for your production meetings without chasing people and paper for information.

As you start to run parts, large-screen TVs on the floor display cycle times, machine utilization, parts per hour, and more in real-time. Production scores for every job keep everyone on the same page, so you know which jobs are on track and which need immediate attention.

All your data is saved and analyzed automatically, providing a rich repository of insights about your overall factory performance. Standard reports show actual machine costs and utilization for better quoting and capital planning, helping increase productivity and profits.

When data flows through your factory, operators, supervisors, and management have the insights needed to keep the factory running smoothly. We call it the Visual Factory—the right information at the right time for the people who need it.

Stop imagining and start implementing the Datanomix Visual Factory today! Check out our infographic to learn more.

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