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VIDEO: Now that’s a Partnership—Datanomix & Caron Engineering Team Up

Tony Gunn from MTDCNC hosts a panel discussion about an exceptional partnership between Datanomix and Caron Engineering. Nikel Precision Group and DFF join the conversation, and share how to manage data and get the best from your machine shop!

Datanomix and Caron Engineering Announce Partnership in Press Conference at EASTEC 2021

“Customers who implement Caron or Datanomix are looking to understand exactly what’s happening with every part they manufacture. We envision a data-driven future that visualizes production starting with raw materials, to machining, to the finished part, leaving manufacturers with insights into productivity, continuous improvement, maintenance, and business optimization. We couldn’t ask for a better partner than Rob Caron and his team to accelerate this future for our customers and theirs”

—Greg McHale, CTO and co-founder of Datanomix

“As a customer of both Caron and Datanomix, Nikel Precision Group is getting tremendous value from the real-time data driven by each of their solutions. We’re excited about the potential enabled by the depth of experience in manufacturing and data science of these two teams.”

—James Bell, vice president of operations at Nikel Precision Group LLC

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