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PODCAST: Rolar Products, Produce Flawless Parts. Deliver On Time. Every Time!

In episode 43 of The Gunn Show podcast, Jack Russell, Owner of Rolar Products, joins Tony to talk about his start in manufacturing, his journey to Rolar Products, and what it takes to create a fantastic company culture.

A lot of our employees come to work and they feel like they did a good job. Their boss may come by and say “hey great job today.” But there’s a lot of days where they go home and there isn’t that feedback. Now they can look at the Datanomix board and they’ve got an A or an A+. Or there’s a B and they know that “this went wrong and that went wrong” and that’s OK. With Datanomix, the entire company is focused on fixing the things that don’t go as well as planned. So it’s a motivator for me and the entire company—we know exactly how we are doing and where we can improve. Our effort creates a higher score.

—Jack Russell, Owner, Rolar Products

In the interview, Jack and Tony talked about:

  • How Jack’s first job as a paperboy helped him develop a strong work ethic and a sense of discipline, as well as a focus on the customer no matter how difficult they seem to be.
  • Why mutual respect and valuing everyone in the company is the key to building a company culture where employees are happy and understand how to contribute to the overall success of the company.
  • How Datanomix helps Rolar understand where they are, every day and every minute, and why a company culture of trust helped Rolar avoid the “big brother” perception of real-time production monitoring.
  • The importance of mentorship and how young people can minimize or avoid mistakes with the right mentor.

To learn more, check out episode 43 of The Gunn Show presented by MTDCNC around the World

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