ARCH Medical Diagnoses Production with Datanomix

Real-time visibility into production helps everyone stay on track to meet their customers’ production schedules.

Part of the ARCH Group, ARCH Medical Solutions is a trusted resource for precision machining, contract manufacturing, and related supply chain integration for customers that require strict adherence to exacting specifications.

Craig Michaud, Director of Engineering at the Seabrook, New Hampshire facility, works with customers to onboard new products, serve as a technical resource, communicate with the customers, and benchmark capital expenditures, among other duties. His job entails delivering prototypes, getting the new projects ready for large-scale manufacturing, and then handing them over to the production team. Evaluating and helping implement new technologies that have an impact on the business is also a big part of Craig’s responsibilities at ARCH.

As part of their ongoing technology initiatives, Craig led a cross-functional team that evaluated and implemented machine monitoring at ARCH Seabrook about four years ago. Still, it required operators to enter machine states into a tablet to provide context as to why a machine was up or down. And even though the solution had an excellent reporting structure that was very easy to customize, it required Craig and his team to do most of the work to analyze the data.

“We were impressed that we could get insights directly from the machine data instead of having our operators enter a machine state change on a tablet or laptop.” 

— Craig Michaud, Director of Engineering, ARCH Seabrook

Since ARCH wasn’t getting everything they wanted from their monitoring system, Craig was open to evaluating the Datanomix platform. Learn more about their transition to the Datanomix next-generation production monitoring solution—where production insights are more accessible, and making better decisions based on the real-time insights automatically delivered from ARCH’s machines is more effortless.


Datanomix production scores are used to quickly understand status in real-time and to see which operators may be overburdened on specific jobs

■ Actual job data is used to enhance job quoting, helping to improve profitability and customer satisfaction

■ Real-time visibility into production helps everyone stay on track to meet their customers’ production schedules

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