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VIDEO: Greg McHale and Tony Gunn LIVE from the Smart Manufacturing Experience in Pittsburgh, PA

In this 15-minute interview, Greg and Tony touch upon the fatal flaws of first-gen production monitoring and why asking you to do tons of work to get value out of the data is the wrong approach. Plus you’ll learn why Greg is holding a cup of coffee (hint: it’s not just because we have it free in our booth)

CNC manufacturers need to understand that using a first-generation production monitoring system will only get basic utilization data. You’ve asked your operators to enter reason codes painstakingly, and the project has NOT delivered the outcome that you were expecting. It’s time to expect more from your production monitoring and end the suffering from some of the fatal flaws of those first-generation monitoring systems.

“There are a number of products out there that have left people dissatisfied and didn’t quite get what they wanted out of their data initiative and you have to really see what our approach was. We spent hours walking around mid-market machine shops across the country, watching how people work, listening to what they talk about, learning how they figure out what to problem solve, and learning how they are trying to find efficiency. And we built automated workflows and reports that are designed around the way people already work.”

When you switch to the Datanomix Automated Production Intelligence solution, you’ll have the knowledge to do more, especially when it comes to your morning production meetings. Greg explains why it’s time to take back your morning with the Datanomix Coffee Cup Report. Instead of spending 90 minutes chasing down all the data needed, simply run the Coffee Cup Report to get information on everything that happened in the factory the day before—automatically emailed to the team at 6:00 am every morning. When you get that email, you’ll know exactly where you stand on every single job broken down by shift, your performance in terms of achievement versus your goals (benchmarks), and you can see the shortcomings and causes on a single screen that allows you to dig into the details. Our customers use the Coffee Cup Report not only to understand what happened but to coach up the morning production meeting through an automated process.

“We aren’t trying to change who you are and what you do, we’re trying to arm you in the process that you already follow. One example of that is our Coffee Cup Report”

Greg and Tony round out their conversation with:

  • customer highlights include ARCH Medical in Seabrook, NH, DFF Corporation in Agawam, MA, and Rolar Products in Muskegon, MI.
  • why TVs on the shop floor yield a 33.5% improvement in overall factory utilization after installing Datanomix TV Mode.
  • why our Continuous Improvement Hub is your insight into overall factory performance—utilization, time to first part, and cycle time achievement— for every job you run.

Check out the full interview on LinkedIn by clicking the “Watch Now” button.

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