VIDEO: Datanomix Saves the Day for ARCH Medical Solutions in Seabrook, NH

MTDCNC interviews Nick Martin from ARCH Medical in Seabrook, NH, to discuss the benefits of Datanomix and how the software has improved processes.

Nick Martin, the manufacturing engineer and prototype machinist at ARCH Medical, shares his story about almost giving up on a previous production monitoring software that wasn’t cutting it. After switching to Datanomix, the company has access to precisely what they’re looking for. The ARCH Medical team is now saving time and able to access quick and easy data that helps them know what to do when quoting or looking for parts.

“With all the programming that I have to do, Datanomix is a huge benefit with how fast we get data.”

—Nick Martin, Manufacturing Engineer & Prototype Machinist, ARCH Medical Group

Tune into the video below to hear about the transition to Datanomix and why Arch Medical Solutions in Seabrook, NH is well on its way to hooking up every machine with Datanomix:

“I was looking for systems that could help automate our data collection and I came across Datanomix. The system delivered lots of data and the reports and dashboards that came out-of-the-box were right on point. Our entire team has been impressed with how user friendly Datanomix is.

— Nick Martin, manufacturing engineer and prototype machinist, ARCH Medical Group

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