VIDEOS: ARCH Medical Sees a Difference with Datanomix Production Monitoring

Watch Tony Gunn of MTDCNC interview Craig and Nick from ARCH Seabrook to learn how Datanomix is optimizing and accelerating operations.

ARCH Medical, one of 11 business units in the ARCH Medical Group, is a long-running customer of Datanomix. Craig Michaud, director of engineering at ARCH Seabrook, has worked with machine monitoring solutions for several years. He ran up against the limits of his first-gen monitoring solutions.

Before Datanomix existed, Craig settled on a machine monitoring system that could monitor uptime and downtime. Still, operators needed to enter reason codes into a tablet to provide context. The solution had customized reporting that required Craig’s team to do most of the work to analyze the data, and not all of the data was interesting or useful! ARCH was unhappy with the system but had nowhere else to turn. They had already checked out all of the monitoring players (or so they thought).

But after demoing Datanomix in 2020, it was clear that Datanomix was different. They made the switch in early 2021, and the team couldn’t be happier. Craig and the team love how easy it is to get the data from the Datanomix platform, and the Coffee Cup Report lets them know precisely what happened the day before, saving at least an hour a day while starting the day off right. And ARCH quotes have gotten 10 – 15% more accurate for the machines where Datanomix is installed.

In this video, watch Tony Gunn of MTDCNC interview Craig about how Datanomix is optimizing and accelerating operations at ARCH Medical.

Want to hear more? Nick Martin, the manufacturing engineer and prototype machinist at ARCH Medical shares his candid thoughts on the pitfalls of first-gen production monitoring.  Very quickly into using the first-gen monitoring system, Nick realized how much manual data entry was needed to provide a little production insight. So Nick did what made the most sense for his job—he gave up on it (even if his boss doesn’t know that). It took too much time, which was in short supply for Nick. 

When Datanomix was installed on a few machines for evaluation, Nick and the ARCH Medical team had useful data that same day. They are rolling Datanomix out on more machines on a regular cadence. According to Nick, “Datanomix more or less saved the day.”

Check out the interview with Nick to hear how Datanomix is making a difference at ARCH Medical.

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