VIDEO: Hill Manufacturing is Proactive with Datanomix

Mike Payne, President/Owner of Hill Manufacturing & Fabrication, candidly shares why he chose Datanomix to make better business decisions.

Live at IMTS 2022, Mike is enthusiastic about his company and leveraging technology to gain insights into production. He knew valuable data was locked up in his 40 machines across multiple locations. He first invested in a new ERP system with ProShop and then looked for a single user interface to visualize data in real-time. Once he knew about our integration with ProShop ERP, he was sold on Datanomix.

“We love the real-time operations data with no operator input, and the integration between the two companies. I can see right in Datanomix if I’m running profitable jobs, and I have the feedback in ProShop when I go to quote the same job again or if I’m working on a similar part. This puts me in the driver’s seat in controlling my job performance and profitability”

— Mike Payne, president of Hill Manufacturing

With Datanomix, the whole team is proactive. Data is the only way to know if you are delivering quality parts on time, every time. ERP systems can tell you how you performed yesterday, but technology-driven manufacturers like Mike need to know how jobs are doing today to change the outcome as it’s running and not afterward. If you have multiple locations to manage, keeping track of every job without production monitoring from Datanomix is nearly impossible.

Mike says that machine monitoring is not about watching the operator. It’s about making better business decisions daily and proactively while also providing transparency on the status and cost of jobs to his customers.

We love his enthusiasm in this video and Mike’s comprehension of the factory data, breaking down the job capability on the monitor next to him! When developing our Automated Production Intelligence™ platform, we strive to provide a rich visual experience so everyone can understand real-time job performance data!

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