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What’s Happening With Our Cobots?

Monitoring and Managing Lights-Out Automation for Universal Robots is featured in NTMA’s The Record

Unattended operations can be a lifeline for precision manufacturers struggling to keep up with demand during labor shortages. Advanced automation with Universal Robots cobots helps address some of the challenges, but not without creating challenges of their own, especially when it comes to monitoring and managing lights-out operations. However, most precision manufacturers don’t have the advanced analytics capabilities in-house to fully understand their CNC machine operations in real-time, let alone the ability to analyze the performance of their automated robotic operations.

With Flexxbotics, Datanomix pools data from Universal Robots with the associated CNC machines, offering real-time performance metrics for these robotic work cells, even during lights-out operations. Long-term trends are uncovered with continual analysis of job data, showing not only the performance of the robotic cells but also offering insights into which jobs might benefit from robotic automation.

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Learn more about our partnership with Flexxbotics:
Datanomix and Flexxbotics Partner to Automate Production Monitoring for Universal Robots

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