PODCAST: The Perfect Partnership – Datanomix & ProShop ERP!

The True Story Behind The “Holy Grail” of Job Costing for Machine Shops.

Right before IMTS 2022, we announced our partnership with ProShop ERP to deliver the Holy Grail of Job costing! Shortly after, Tony Gunn from MTDCNC sat down with Datanomix Founder Greg McHale and ProShop ERP CoFounder Paul Van Metre for a duel interview on episode 70 ‘The Gunn Show’ to discuss Automated Job CostingTM—why machine shops need it right now to succeed, and to be more profitable.

“Now more than ever, you have to know what’s going on in your shop in real-time through real data.

—Tony Gunn, CNC Influencer & Journalist, MTDCNC

Usually, people don’t like their ERP systems, let alone love them! After ten times of hearing how much ProShop customers love their system, we realized that ProShop is different.

—Greg McHale, Founder/CTO of Datanomix

We are clearly a cultural match. Our values are super well aligned, and in some cases, that’s more important than technology. But their approach to the zero operator interface is key for us.”

—Paul Van Metre, Co-Founder of ProShop ERP


ProShop & Datanomix Partnership: The “Holy Grail” of Job Costing

Knowing how much it really costs to produce parts is the holy grail for precision manufacturers when it comes to job costing and quoting! Join this webinar to learn more about our integration with ProShop ERP!

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