Datanomix and Tony Gunn PMTS Interview

VIDEO: Machine Monitoring Has Come Farther Than You Think

Greg McHale & Tony Gunn discuss the state of real-time production monitoring at PMTS 2023.

Tony Gunn from MTDCNC gets hot under the collar talking to Datanomix founder Greg McHale about the state of monitoring in CNC machining at PMTS 2023 in Cleveland OH. Greg and Tony discuss major flaws in most machine monitoring solutions and how the key to having good data is to get it right from the machines—without the need for busy operators to input anything. Tony shares success stories from shops he has visited who are seeing phenomenal results in increasing revenue and margins once they have visibility into what’s really happening on the floor. Greg highlights how Paramount Machine was once roasted by machine Monitoring, but found relief once implementing Datanomix. Check out the three video highlights from their conversation:

The Flaws of Most Machine Monitoring Solutions 

“You can’t wait until tomorrow to figure out what happened today.”

Three Datanomix Success Stories

“Datanomix will bring success to your factory.”

The Paramount Machine Story—Once Roasted by Machine Monitoring

“When they see it, they go, where the heck have you been?”

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