VIDEO: These Digital Technologies Drive Continuous Growth for Future Proofing

Ricaurte Precision believes in growth and scaling through technology—and their $2 million plus investment in automation proves it! To find out more about their efficiency in 24/7 lights-out machining, MTDCNC’s Tony Gunn meets the one and only Hernan Ricaurte of Ricaurte Precision. By implementing systems like Datanomix Production Monitoring, ProShop ERP, HIGH QA, and Paperless Parts, Ricaurte Precision is able to drive unbelievable efficiency, accountability, and process reliability for sophisticated machining of tight tolerance parts.

Meet Manufacturing Maverick, Hernan Ricaurte

Manufacturing Maverick: Hernan Ricaurte

Staying Competitive in a Very Competitive Market

Hernan Ricaurte shares how he took over his Dad’s shop and grew it in a very competitive area, serving extremely competitive markets.

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