A Gift That Keeps on Giving

Something the Whole Manufacturing Team Will Use

A perfect gift is used every day, makes life easier, and generates money. Sure, a cool new “toy” from Mazak, Fanuc, Haas, or Okuma would be great, but buying those can break the bank. Why not make existing machines more efficient? You can with Datanomix Production Monitoring software—and the best part? It certainly fits the definition of a perfect gift!

CNC Machine operators looking at Datanomix data displayed on the shop floor.

Use it Every Day to Get Answers to Important Questions

Datanomix automatically collects, analyzes, scores, and displays real-time and historical machine data to help manufacturers make decisions that drive revenue. And what could be better than that? 

  • How did we do yesterday? An automated 6 am report shows how every machine (or part) did the day before as well as the week in progress. 
  • Where should we focus right now? Large-screen TVs broadcast what machines are down, why, and for how long. 
  • How am I doing today towards my goals? Live benchmarked performance data for machines and parts are displayed on TVs in the factory.
  • What’s on fire? Email and Mobile notifications are sent out to supervisors and managers for larger issues.
  • How long is it taking to get my machines in cycle every day?  Time to First Active tracks, trends, and benchmarks the time it takes each machine to produce the first good part.

Makes Life Easier

  • The automated 6 am report saves supervisors 30-60 minutes each day because they don’t have to chase people, paper, and parts to collect data. They can spend that time planning the day’s priorities. The report is also great for running morning production meetings.
  • Because everyone can see what machines are down and why, it’s easy for anyone to step in and help. If someone isn’t at their machine and a “clear chips” error pops up, a co-worker can pitch in and help get that machine back up and running. 
  • Operators can look at the shop floor TVs to see how they perform against the benchmark. Operators responsible for more than one machine can monitor both at the same time, and supervisors can see every machine’s performance to know where to focus resources.
  • Email and mobile notifications blow up supervisors’ phones when bad things happen—such as when a machine is down too long. Alerts keep supervisors & managers who are stuck in meetings in the know and it is priceless for lights-out manufacturers.
  • Tracking, trending, and displaying the time it takes to get each machine into cycle at the beginning of every shift reclaims an average of 30 minutes per machine, per day, per shift.

Makes Manufacturers More Money

ROI is tracked right in the product so you can see the dramatic difference Datanomix makes to revenue and profitability. In fact, giving visibility to the time it takes to get machines into cycle every shift reclaims an average of 30 minutes per machine per shift. That’s 50 hours of additional uptime a week for a machine shop with 20 machines. If the shop rate is $100, then that’s potentially $5,000 a week in new revenue!

Customers see double-digit growth in their uptime hours and part profitability using Datanomix. Typical ROI is measured in weeks, not months or years. Make life easier (and more profitable) at your facility!

Datanomix ROI Calculator

Calculate How Much More Revenue You Can Get with Datanomix

Datanomix ROI Calculator

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