Tony Gunn talks to Rob Paine at Pazmac about Datanomix

VIDEO: Datanomix Provides Unprecedented Visibility to Pazmac Enterprises

Seeing Into a Black Hole

Tony Gunn dropped by Pazmac in Langley, Canada, to talk about their experience with Datanomix Production Monitoring. This DMG Mori shop is well known for their meticulous work using some of the most challenging materials. For over 50 years, the company has been investing in their people, processes and technology to deliver the highest quality parts to their customers. This passion for perfection led them to explore production monitoring. They needed help seeing into the black hole of information around their real-time production performance. Their ERP couldn’t supply it, and it was impossible to gather manually, which is why they partnered with Datanomix.

Visibility Benefits the Whole Team

Rob Paine, Stacey Saumure, and Denny Huynh talk with Tony about how Datanomix provided visibility across the entire operation. Operators, supervisors, and management all use Datanomix to get the answers they need to make the right decisions in the moment. This focus on real-time visibility was a major reason Pazmac chose Datanomix over other monitoring solutions.

—Rob Paine, IT Programming Manager

Tony Gunn is at Pazmac to Get the Real Truth About What Production Monitoring Has Done for Them

—Stacey Saumure, VP of Operations

Visibility is critically important to companies who want to lead. Pazmac describes the benefits they have seen from increased visibility like this: Datanomix gives us the precision performance data we need to improve operations for our team, support our growth, and deliver a better experience for our customers.

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