VIDEO: Alarms Pareto

With Datanomix, you have the ability to see the alarms from all of your connected machines in a single visualization.

The Alarms Pareto report shows you your most common alarm codes, either by machine or by the time of day, across any specific time frame on a single dashboard. It’s easy to see which alarm codes pop up most often and which alarm codes cause the most downtime.

In addition, you can dig further into the alarm codes by job. Using the After Action Report, the alarm codes for a particular job on a particular machine and shift are easily accessible, helping you to dig deeper into the reasons why a job is underperforming and whether there’s a need to look at machine maintenance or if there’s an opportunity for additional training to boost performance. 

“Datanomix captures our machine alarms. A lot of times, we run machines unattended. Most of the supervisors and leads have Datanomix up on their computers, and they can see when an alarm happens—whether a tool broke, a pallet changer needs more parts, or anything else that can happen while we are manufacturing. Datanomix allows us to jump on the issue and solve it right away.

—Craig Michaud, Director of Engineering, ARCH Medical Group

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