VIDEO: Data-Driven Planning With Our After Action Report

Analyzing data over time provides deep insights for better job costing and business planning—increasing your productivity and profits.

Running a post-mortem on completed jobs is the best way to understand how well your factory is performing. However, calculating real performance across an entire job run is virtually impossible with your ERP system. Most monitoring systems only give you the basics, like spindle uptime across the number of days the job ran.

Datanomix helps you understand the raw capacity and utilization of your factory or job-specific details such as when an order will really be completed based on actual performance. Real-time data is great for live operations, but long-term improvements require understanding trends over time. Datanomix collects, stores, and analyzes all of the data so you understand equipment utilization, in-job performance, and shift statistics to see which teams are on target.

Check out the video below and learn how the After Action Report offers insights into performance at a per-job and per-machine level over any given time range, helping with decision-making around staffing, job costing, and capital expenditures. 

“No estimation, no ERP extracts, just the facts.”

— Jesse Bunnell, Production Manager at Eptam Precision

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