VIDEO: Datanomix Helps ARCH Medical Analyze Data for Meaningful Decisions

ARCH Seabrook wants to ensure they make parts with the highest quality and fastest delivery. Datanomix helps them do just that.

Datanomix is on a mission to make monitoring easy and accessible for the everyday machine shop and provide answers to questions like:

  • How is your shop performing
  • Your actual cycle times, Takt parts, utilization, and more
  • Where to focus your efforts to increase productivity and profitability
  • And most importantly, where to focus attention right now to keep things on track

It’s our job to analyze the data and automatically deliver the insights you need to improve performance right now. 

“Monitoring is not supposed to be hard. It’s not supposed to be another full time job for manufacturing people. It’s supposed to be a tool that when you pay for it, it does the job paid for without making you work to get value.”

—Greg McHale, CTO & Co-Founder, Datanomix

Datanomix is Not Just Production Monitoring.
The Datanomix platform delivers what we call Automated Production Intelligence™. Datanomix is automated because we don’t require any operator input for context or for providing insights. We believe “monitoring” is a passive action and “Intelligence” is something that can only happen due to actionable analysis. Datanomix is not something that tells you whether a machine is running or not. Datanomix lets you know how your jobs and business are performing. You’ll see the performance in real-time with just a glance at your laptop, phone, or through TVs on the shop floor.

Listening to Customers Drives Our Success
Datanomix gets better every single day through solid customer relationships. We work with manufacturers who expect more from their monitoring system and learn from experts like ARCH Medical to incorporate their best practices, methodologies, and ideas to improve the product. Datanomix built the product by learning how precision manufacturers think and look at their business, and we developed workflows to support them.

Datanomix Replaces a First-Gen Monitoring System at ARCH Medical
When we met with the folks at ARCH Medical in Seabrook, NH, they had a monitoring system but weren’t getting what they needed from it. The system required its operators to enter reason codes to explain why a machine was down, and then when they needed to make sense of the data, they had to export it to a BI tool. The system didn’t support how they ran the factory; operators simply stopped using it. Shortly after demoing Datanomix, ARCH hooked up a few of their most critical machines and saw meaningful data that same day. It was precisely what they were looking for.

“With all the programming that I have to do, Datanomix is a huge benefit with how fast we get data.”

—Nick Martin, Manufacturing Engineer & Prototype Machinist, ARCH Medical Group 

Today, ARCH Medical is seeing the full benefits of Datanomix. They love the accessibility of the data, accessing the out-of-the-box reports, leveraging historical averages to plan accordingly, and tracking job performance like run time and throughput to quote more accurately— especially for similar job runs. Datanomix is helping ARCH Medical understand operations in real time and uncover overall factory trends over time.

“One thing we love about Datanomix is the ease at which we can get the data. It’s right there staring us in the face in the morning, and we’re not going through digging for it. The supervisors use the data in their daily coffee cup report. They can look at it and get a quick overview of what the day was like before.”

—Craig Michaud, Director of Engineering, ARCH Medical Group

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