The End of the Mediocre Monitoring Era

The End of the Mediocre Production Monitoring Era

No Operator Input™ – The Monitoring Approach CNC Manufacturers Have Been Waiting For

The evolution of the production monitoring space has been a peculiar thing. On paper, you would think every precision manufacturer already collects real-time data from their machines, and there should be no need for innovation here. In reality, many manufacturers do not collect real-time data, but it is not for lack of desire or effort. 

The cold truth is that most production monitoring systems fall into two buckets of fatally flawed user experiences that have failed to meet the market: too simple to be useful, or too complicated to succeed in the chaos of everyday manufacturing.

In the too simple to be useful case, vendors translate your machine state into a utilization percentage to tell you how often your equipment runs. It is better than knowing nothing, but the exercise of how to improve on that is left completely to the end user: “I can see our utilization is 42%, I wish it was higher, what do we do about it?”

In the too complicated to succeed case, you have the vendors who decided to augment utilization with downtime reason codes. We’ve documented the all-too-common failure of this approach in a number of case studies and blogs, and the simple reality is that most people are not able to get the compliance, accuracy or timeliness of information they expect from downtime reason codes. It’s not that it can’t work, it’s just that it mostly does not, and when it does not, the customer is the one who loses.

With such a large percentage of the market equally failed by these solutions, Datanomix concluded that manufacturers deserved a better approach.

No Operator Input™—The Approach CNC Manufacturers Have Come to Expect

The number one reason companies love what we do? No Operator Input.

They love it because it is apparent in our product from the very first screen to the very last that Datanomix is purpose-built for the real challenges, struggles and needs of everyday manufacturers.

Why did we do this? Very simply, you deserve far better than ugly user interfaces, copious amounts of operator input, complex integrations, and products that put the burden on you to make the data useful.

With the No Operator Input movement, we redefined what manufacturing leaders should expect from their production monitoring systems:

  • Job-specific Capabilities
  • Real-time scores
  • Out-of-the-box workflows that boost how you:
  • Integration partnerships that solve closed-loop, real-world problems, not accept credentials and wish you the best

All of this culminates into a crazy stat we could not be prouder of: our No Operator Input approach beats the competition over 95% of the time. 

We’ve taken manufacturers that were convinced they used the hottest solution on the market, gave up on it, and thought there was nothing new under the sun, and turned them into rabid proponents of No Operator Input.

Countless manufacturers have made the switch to Datanomix because they were let down or stood up by mediocre monitoring solutions.

These are their stories:

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