VIDEO: Paramount Machine Makes the Switch to Datanomix

VIDEO: Paramount Machine Makes the Switch to Datanomix

After years of struggles with their prior monitoring system, Paramount finds no-nonsense, out-of-the-box value with Datanomix.

Paramount Machine was hesitant to take a meeting with Datanomix. They had been burned in the past by machine monitoring systems that required a lot of labor-intensive data collection and analysis. They didn’t believe anyone had the right solution to the monitoring nightmares they lived through before.

This is what we need to do, and this is the path that we have to be on.”

—Eric Van Orden, Swiss Lead, Paramount Machine

It only took a short demo of Automated Production Intelligence™ for Paramount to realize there was a company who had taken the time to get monitoring right for everyday manufacturers. It was apparent that Datanomix took a completely different approach – where it presents you with answers and insights, not raw data that requires you to do the crunching while also forcing your operators to do cumbersome data entry.

After a trial of Datanomix on four machines, Paramount immediately signed up for seventeen more. Paramount has already seen a return in their investment by identifying opportunities for profitability on existing jobs. 

Operators have embraced the technology. Datanomix TV Mode broadcasts real-time machine performance and utilization for honest transparency to all employees. They look up at the TV’s even while they are doing other activities to track their job performance and try to beat yesterday’s scores. 

Some of the guys set goals for part production now! There wasn’t that realization before. Now it’s right here live streaming, and they are excited about it. They want to do better, they want it to be a tool to show how good you are, not how bad you are.”

—Eric Van Orden, Swiss Lead, Paramount Machine

Hear all about it in the interview with Tony Gunn from MTDCNC:

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