VIDEO: The Datanomix Quote Calibration Report Exposes Your Top Opportunities for Profit

Do you want to quote based on actual machine costs?

“Our quoting got 10-15% more accurate for parts that we have Datanomix on. Not only are we capturing machine runtime, we are capturing our throughput.” 

—Craig Michaud, Director of Engineering, ARCH Medical Group

The Quote Calibration Report is one of the most powerful features in the Datanomix toolkit. Datanomix gives you instant access to true job performance so you can easily reconcile actual costs against your estimates and find the best opportunities for margin and optimization. Take the guesswork out of your quotes by knowing how long it really takes to produce specific parts.

With the Quote Calibration Report, you can answer questions like:

  • Are our cycle times where they need to be to make money on this job? 
  • Which jobs provide an optimization opportunity that will help us increase profits?
  • Do cycle times remain consistent for the entire job run, or do we need to dig in deeper to see why there is so much variability?

For an in-depth explanation of all the new features in the Quote Calibration Report, watch this short demo video:

“On a per-job basis, Datanomix shows me how our jobs stack up against our shop rate, giving us the actual cost per part as well as the potential revenue we can recapture if we optimize our cycle times to be closer to the capability. The Quote Calibration Report highlights parts that are hitting our marks and where we should focus to improve profitability.” 

— Jamie Bell, Vice President of Operations, Nikel Precision


Compare actual machine performance to what you have planned inside of ProShop ERP with our Automated Job Costing™ solution. ProShop targets are integrated into the Datanomix Quote Calibration Report to quickly help you identify long-term opportunities for margin improvement based on variance to cycle time standards.

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