Why Fusion Factor vs. OEE?

OEE is an acknowledged industry standard that provides high level metrics around factory efficiency.

However, achieving real-time OEE is not possible for most shops, so it does not help you respond to today’s pressing production issues.

Fusion Factor directs you in real-time where to focus on the production floor. Every job gets a Fusion Factor score, which is updated live as each part is produced. When production starts to drift, you know right away, long before parts are measured.

How it works

  • Benchmark - Fusion learns what good production looks like per job, and establishes a letter grade known as Fusion Factor
  • Compare - Fusion shows you which jobs are ahead or behind based on Fusion Factor comparisons to history
  • Improve - You focus on the lowest Fusion Factor scores to maximize your productivity gains

Fusion Scorecard

A simple run-down of how production is going - live and historically.

Live: Display on production floor monitors so staff can respond to jobs that need the most help.

Historically: Base your morning plan on yesterday's results and prioritize the right work for today.

Fusion Hotspots

Identify hotspots via a topographical map of every machine on the shop floor.

Prioritize based on the Fusion Factor score, which shows whether production is on or off track, or the status of the machine, including any mechanical issues being experienced.

Fusion History

Take a deep dive of any run on any machine.

From speeds and feeds to alarms and anomalies, Fusion understands your normal performance, and highlights for you when, where, and why things differ.

Gain insight into quote calibration, actual job complexity, and part producibility.

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