Manufacturing Analytics...Simplified

Datanomix Fusion is an all-inclusive manufacturing analytics platform that is accessible from anywhere.

Fusion is designed to grow with your business, installs in minutes, requires no operator input, and provides insights within hours.

Fusion Factor: your compass

Fusion Factor is a live score of your production effectiveness, with the added context to tell you why you’re winning or why you’re not winning. It helps production staff focus their superpowers on the biggest opportunities.

Fusion Factor takes into account your historical performance, your golden runs, job complexity, and even the data profile of discrete parts to sense and detect when production is on or off track.

Fusion Factor is constantly learning about your process, machines, and parts - benchmarking you and directing you on the path to continuous improvement.

Fusion Dashboard: your GPS

Fusion Dashboard provides a topographical map of every connected machine giving you a complete view of the entire floor.

Hot spots are easily identified by the Fusion Factor score, which shows whether production is on or off track, or the status of the machine, including any mechanical issues being experienced.

Fusion History: your trip log

Fusion History tracks every run on every machine, enabling a look back at actual run performance on any dimension of interest. From speeds and feeds to alarms and anomalies, Fusion understands your normal performance envelope, and highlights for you when, where, and why things differ.

Moreover, because Fusion fully characterizes your production runs, we provide insight into quote calibration, actual job complexity, and part producibility.

Want to get started?

All you need to get up and running with Datanomix is an internet connection and networked machines communicating with industry standard protocols like MTConnect or OPC UA.

We’ll provide the edge compute devices, which will securely connect up to our cloud service in a few clicks.