Your coolant temperature is currently 45 degrees celsius.



Coolant temperatures crossed 70 degrees celsius five times yesterday.



When coolant temperatures are below 40 degrees before production starts, hourly yields are 9% higher.

Insight, not just analytics.  

We focus on insights that are actionable for operators, manufacturing engineers and business leaders that directly lead to bottom line results.

This is where we are unique. Alternative products may focus upon visualizing machine status, basic alerting, or calculating a productivity metric such as OEE, but getting to insight requires applying intelligence to data in real-time. You don’t need complex infrastructure or armies of data scientists to get there.

The Product Architecture

Datanomix software runs in an edge computing device as well as in the cloud. We provide the edge device (NUC type mini PC with network connection) as well as a secure connection to our cloud service.

Why edge computing?

Our edge device is deployed adjacent to machine tools, controllers, test stations, sensors—basically anything creating data—and adds context, semantics, and schematization to that data before it is sent off to the cloud. We are learning about your process and grouping data sets to facilitate post-processing, elimination of unneeded data, or even applying real-time changes to your process inputs.

You don't need to be a data scientist, either.

Schematized Data

Intuitive Formatting

Data Visualization

The Datanomix cloud workspace is a schematized data pool where all data is normalized, tagged and grouped. Since the data is grouped in an intuitive format, different constituencies can use drag and drop functionality to setup visualizations, process best practices, and data exports/integrations. 

Pre-defined, standard dashboard visualizations of productivity measures such as alerts, events, uptime, cycle time, yield, or OEE can be setup quickly. Deeper ad hoc analytics such as lot traceability, process drift, correlation studies, pareto analysis, defect analysis, tool wear or predictive maintenance can be easily implemented as well. 

Want to get started?

All you need to get up and running with Datanomix is an internet connection and networked machines communicating with standard industry protocols. Protocols like MTConnect and OPC UA, or CNC Machine controllers like FANUC, Haas, Heidenshain, Siemens or Mitsubushi all integrate with our platform.

We’ll provide the edge compute devices, which will securely connect up to our cloud service in a few clicks.

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